Welcome to Microsoft Imagine Authentication

What is it?

Microsoft Imagine is an online software system where eligible students and faculty can download and access a wide range of Microsoft developer tools, servers, and platforms. There is no charge to download the software as long as you are an eligible user in the System.

Who is eligible?

Any student currently enrolled in a class offered by the Maseeh College is eligible. Any current faculty member in a Maseeh College department is also eligible.

Click the link below to proceed to the webstore. From there, you can browse the software or click the "Sign In" link. You will then be redirected to an MCECS authentication page, where you can log in with your MCECS credentials. If you have not used Microsoft Imagine within the last year, you will be asked to accept some terms of service before you proceed. You will then be returned to the webstore to continue shopping.

Proceed to the webstore.